The best gift for real men - the SpyraOne

Nov 11, 2020

You haven't had any real enthusiasm under the Christmas tree for a long time? The classic tie and sock combo isn't even cool as a retro gift? Then it's time to change that!

"Men just wanna have fun"

Admittedly, 2020 would have been really difficult for a “best of” year. Natural disasters, a pandemic, an economic crisis waiting to happen and all vacation planning for 2021 is basically on hold. How is one supposed to get through the winter without getting depressed? We say: Get back what was clearly neglected in 2020: Fun!

Get the fun back - for an epic Christmas

December used to drag on like chewing gum until Christmas morning. Today we look forward to Christmas with a certain resignation. Where's the excitement and the thrill? Probably the same place all the wool socks  have gone that have piled up over the years. Do you want a Christmas present that puts everything else in the shadows? Then forget all your boring standard gift ideas. Farewell mugs, scarves and slippers! Get the hot tip of the year 2020.

SpyraOne - the real water gun for real men

So what can be done to make this Christmas a highlight? Quite simply - with the absolute contrast to your average Christmas agenda! You need a gift like they used to be, with no purpose, no benefit, no point - except for the purpose of being fun! A gift that is cool and lots of fun at the same time. Fun that you thought was ticked off with childhood!

With the SpyraOne none of these wishes remain unfulfilled. An electric high-tech water gun with an ultra-cool design and ingenious features! For matches with your buddies or solo trick shots. The SpyraOne is full of inspiration and fun. So get precision, range and the powershot for the real life halo feeling!

Break the Christmas conventions

Do something different this year and your Christmas will be 100% more epic. At the same time, fun is guaranteed for 2021 - even if vacation planning continues to fall by the wayside.

You can find inspiration on our social media channels! We would be happy if you share your story with us, too. Did you gift or receive the SpyraOne? Share your expreience with the best Christmas present of 2020!

Here you can see the SpyraOne in action:

More links:

Here you can shop the SpyraOne

How to store your SpyraOne during winter 

More tech-specs? Click here!


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Enhance your game.
Upgrade to the next level!

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