The best water blasters
in the galaxy

  1. new
    Light Model. This featherweight fighter is a force to be reckoned with. Age 8+
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  2. SpyraThree
    Pro Model. The pinnacle of water blaster tech with three thrilling game modes. Age 14+
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  3. SpyraLX™
    Rogue Model. Ready when you are for spontaneous water battles. Age 14+
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  1. new
    It's simple, really. Dissolve into water. Load up your blaster. Paint the town red.
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  2. SpyraBase
    The SpyraBase has just one job: hold water. And it's the best in the business.
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  3. new
    Durable, reusable, and magnetic water bombs. For total water battle domination.
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  1. new
    Splash Squad
    Assemble your Splash Squad with a SpyraGo™, SpyraBase, SpyraBlast and SpyraColor.
    £75.06 £93.80
  2. new
    Level up your water battles with the ultimate PowerUp Bundle, with the SpyraBase, 2x SpyraBlast and 2 SpyraColor Packs.
    £63.41 £74.60
  3. Dynamic Duo
    Han Solo & Chewie. Batman & Robin. Mario & Luigi. We believe that good things come in twos.
    £202.32 £238.00