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This is the water gun you never knew you needed since the day you were born!

This is the water gun that will leave your friends wondering what just hit them. And the fools that dare challenge you with their puny toys will soon run for cover.

Unless of course they also have a SpyraTwo, in which case you'll have the most epic water gun shoot-out the world has ever seen. Be prepared for super-fast water blasts that explode all around you. Water gun battles will never be the same.

What happens if you lock a bunch of really talented engineers and designers - who also turn out to be avid water gun enthusiasts - into a workshop? SpyraTwo happens! Sleek design meets technology that is not from this world.

So please leave your old toy water guns in the kindergarten where they belong and finally step up your game. SpyraTwo - German water gun engineering.

SpyraBlast Technology: Every pull of the trigger discharges a powerful individual blast of water with unprecedented precision.


Non-stop action: To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo into a water source and fully load and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds.


Superior Range: Individual water blasts have an effective range of 33 feet and a maximum range of 50 feet.


Maximum firepower: The integrated battery lasts for 100 water recharge cycles (for a total of 2200 water blasts).

Comes with an integrated battery and a cable for recharging

Safe delivery in robust overpack

Parcel insurance & tracking inclusive

Shipping via DHL/FedEx/UPS

Parcel size: 

  • Single: 680mm x 260mm x 170mm | 27in x 10in x 6.5in
  • Duel: 680mm x 420mm x 200mm | 27in x 15.5in x 8in

Parcel weight:

  • Single: 3.6 kg | 8 lbs
  • Duel: 6.2 kg | 13.7 lbs

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the SpyraOne and the SpyraTwo?

Why is the SpyraTwo theworld's strongest water gun?

How long does the SpyraTwo battery last?

Is the SpyraTwo waterproof?

What is the range of the SpyraTwo?

At Spyra, we guarantee maximum fun with every Spyra purchase.
Our team of water battle experts is working constantly to answer all your questions. You can reach us via Facebook, Instagram or by Email.
Spyra offers free shipping to a variety of countries.